Our added value

Business Expertise
We combine legal and tax advice with our business and industry experiences.
International services
High added value services supported by our team in Spain.
Regulatory complexity
We specialize in industries highly regulated. 

"In the time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolucionary act.".- George Orwell

Technical and practical knowledge of the Law and our clients’ business is implied in our profession. Everybody is the best lawyer. Sincerity is not. Sincerity saves time and fees, but can made you lose clients that are not ready for it.

Sincerity means to explain all the options your client has; the good and the bad ones, but also means to talk about the possibilities of these options. Sometimes good options have not any possibilities and that supposes to give up. Give up in terms of our own fees, but nevertheless, the best for the client. We are rewarded when our client appreciates our sincerity. This builds a long-term relationship.

Maite Vazquez Calo
Managing Partner

Life Science & Sports Law